About us

Why build a Centre for Mental Health & Wellbeing through the Arts?

Many years in the making, Kez Knight has founded Kindred Art Space after bearing witness to the benefits her clients have received through the power of the healing arts, coupled with the therapeutic relationship she has provided.


Since she started her Transpersonal Art Therapy practice, she has spent many years searching for the ideal location to see her private clients in between running outreach services with many groups across Melbourne.  There were many clinical rooms available and then there were clinics where she could share rooms with Chiropractors. But there was nothing specifically for Art Therapists and other alternative therapies where Kez could let her clients explore their creativity and healing in a relaxing and nurturing space. So Kez decided to create her own space!

It’s been a while coming, with lots going on behind the scenes for Kez Knight & Kindred Art Space!

I wanted to share with you a bit about the journey to get to this point – opening Kindred Art Space. In 2008 when I first began my Transpersonal Art Therapy Practice, I was taken through a Guided Meditation similar to the Guided Meditations I provide for my Clients now. I had health issues at the time that I wasn’t able to resolve through mainstream medicine. During this Meditation I was guided, through verbal cues, to meet a messenger with a gift for me. Immediately, in my “Mind’s Eye” I had a clear image of a large majestic Kookaburra. This Kookaburra had a strong, clear message for me:


Stand In Your Conviction

“Stand in your conviction and be responsible for your healing…”


I was perplexed and very moved by this “Mind’s Eye” vision and message and following the meditation proceeded to Google Kookaburra totems and their meanings. I found a website that stated almost word for word the message I gained from my Kookaburra Messenger during the Meditation. What I took away from this meditation and message was my need at the time to stand up and action my dream of helping people through the healing arts.


My intuitive translation around the message of healing was to take responsibility by obeying my gut feelings daily to lead me in the right direction for health, follow the right diet and live a more authentic life. You see, I had studied, in depth, counselling, psychotherapy and the nature of the human psyche, but it was now time to make real this calling of mine. For me the Kookaburra, and the very essence of its roaring laugh, was to call me to action, to stand up and fulfil my life’s purpose, despite my fears!.


So I got going. Firstly I had to get going with my attitude. I had to throw off the heavy cloak of “Am I ready yet”, or “what if…”


Once I changed my attitude in my inner world, things started to change in my outer world and my decision to make a change in my life was tested. A Senior Manager where I was working as an IT project manager at the time, approached me after I had graduated from Transpersonal Art Therapy. She offered me an assignment for a new Program she was wanting to develop working with Aboriginal Youth in Dandenong, Victoria. I had always loved Australian Indigenous culture after receiving a “Dreamtime” book for my 10th Birthday. But now? Working with Indigenous Youth? Am I ready? My mind took over with all the “What If’s”.


Then I remembered the Kookaburra,  its Indigenous ancient wisdom. If I was to start my practice, I had to feel the fear, do it anyway, and have faith that the ancient wisdom would guide me.  Yet I had to face my fears in order to make this real.  To this day the ancient wisdom still guides me.


As the years progressed, my practice grew and my desire to set up a unique and nurturing space for healing grew. My husband and I searched for several years for the right place and space.   When we noticed an old warehouse for sale in 22 Kookaburra Street, Frankston, we immediately felt this must be it!  We weren’t sure how we could purchase the property but we trusted that through working and taking action where we could, we met the universe half way and from that point the necessary steps, actions and details aligned over time, in just the right time, to make our dream a reality!

Given the address of Kindred Art Space includes the master number of 22, we align with the numerology characteristics that resonate with ancient wisdom, self-confidence,  personal power, manifestation of dreams and thought into reality, transformation, intuition and creativity.  We wish these for you to access for yourself through the many personal development workshops offered at Kindred Art Space.

We feel Kindred Art Space is ‘Heaven sent’ and we’re sure you will too!

We welcome you to 22 Kookaburra Street Frankston – Kindred Art Space, and share with you this creative nurturing space for your wellbeing where the therapy begins as soon as you walk through the door !


Acknowledgement of Country

Kindred Art Space, Frankston, Victoria is situated on the traditional lands of the Boon wurrung people.aboriginal-and-tsi-flags

We wish to acknowledge them as the Traditional care takers of these lands. We would like to pay our respect to their Elders, past and present along with today’s descendants that carry on the living culture and ensure it’s endurance for all our future generations.  We also recognise that our location is near Kananook Creek where our First Nation’s People, before European Settlement, would fish and gather nourishment and therefore is a special place.  We also wish Kindred Art Space to be a place of nourishment – social and emotional nourishment for all who visit.