Art Therapy

Art Therapy assists you to gain clarity and make positive changes in a creative and culturally appropriate manner through the medium of art making, meditation, mindfulness, sandplay, dream work and more in a safe, nurturing environment.

Drawing on your creative right brain hemisphere, processes are integrated with models of counselling and psychotherapy. This allows you to gain a different perspective on issues and find solutions.

Don’t stress ! – No previous art experience is necessary!. Art Therapy guarantees to draw out your unique creativity, clarity and confidence to bring about emotional, spiritual and mindful wellbeing for you.

Is an Art Therapist a Real Therapist?

Yes ! Kerryn Knight and her fellow qualified Art Therapists at Kindred Art Space are trained in psychotherapy processes and specialise in the use of art making and the creative process within the therapeutic relationship. Therefore Art Therapists go through similar training to other types of traditional “talk therapists” but have the additional training in using the healing arts within the Therapeutic process.

Kerryn Knight is a Transpersonal Art Therapist and practising level 2 member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) with over 8 years experience in the Industry and is committed to her ongoing Personal & Professional Development.

I’m not artistic – is Art Therapy suitable for me?

No Stress ! It’s NOT about creating a Masterpiece, its about Your creative expression so NO previous art experience is necessary but I GUARANTEE you WILL discover your unique creativity once you have spent some time with Kez. Art Therapy is two-fold acting as a release but also as a tool for self-discovery. Kez guides you through processes that stimulate your right brain hemisphere empowering you to unlock your potential, look at issues from a different perspective and find solutions or simply just find peace within – you are in control of each session.