Despacho South American Workshop 2017

despacho2017Have you got a dream for 2017 ?

Facilitated by Transpersonl Art Therapist, Kez Knight, this 2 hour workshop allows you to meditate on and then create a parcel that symbolically represents all your dreams and desires for 2017.   Traditionally a South American ceremony, the Despacho literally means “dispatch or shipment”.  It means to ritually prepare a bundle of natural, meaningful and cultural objects of symbolic significance imbued with the maker’s prayers.  You could perhaps think of it as a focused formal way to dispatch or ship your prayers off to the powers that be.

The Power of Intentionempowered-art-therapy-despatchos-1

The Despacho workshop is an opportunity to really focus on any areas of your life where you feel you need support or would like to ask for blessings.  Its a powerful way to set your intentions and let them go.!


Buddha said: “Faith is the beginning of all good things”

Sunday 15th January 2017 10am – 12pm

$40 per person

Small Friendly Group – Bookings Essential

For more details and preparation guide contact Kez on 0450 253 990