Mapping Your Inner Treasure Workshop | 19 October 2019

Mapping Your Inner Treasure Workshop | 19th October 2019

As part of the Self Care For Professionals Workshop series, this four hour workshop will provide you with an introduction to art therapy and professional self-care techniques. The workshop includes creative and experiential processes coupled with practical tools to use with clients.

The ‘Mapping Your Inner Treasure’ workshop will provide you with:

  • Mindfulness techn
    iques for daily self-care
  • Guided Imagery process for relaxation
  • Creative writing to look at your values, strengths, challenges and resilience.
  • Creative expression to depict pathways towards your values, strengths and resilience
  • Learn creative techniques for you to use with clients
  • Labyrinth walk
  • Sharing Circle
  • Take-away items include the art making you create during the workshop