Meet Fiona McGrath – Arts Therapist at Kindred Art Space

What matters to me

For me, Arts Therapy is a safe place to rest, breathe, create, discover and feel supported. Knowing it is not all about reaching a creative or visually pleasing outcome allows me a sense of freedom to let go, trust the experiential process and watch the magic happen naturally.

I believe in offering quality time and space to walk alongside and companion another as they choose their own creative modality that works for them.  For me, living by the sea and surrounded by bush fulfils my love of exploring, collecting and using nature’s gifts to create. For others it may be paint, clay, music or movement, the options are endless. Creative options help provide an alternative to talking therapies, to help shift feelings and thoughts we just may not have the words for.

What drew me to arts therapy

I have gained insight from my background and experience in social work, child protection, family services and out of home care, often noticing the benefits of using the therapeutic arts in support of others and the difficulty in finding enough time and space to focus on them.

I was thirsty for more knowledge and I completed Grad Diploma in Arts Therapy. Knowing this was where I needed to be and with support from family and friends, I went on to complete Masters of Therapeutic Arts Practice. I now find pleasure in sharing my knowledge, warmth and experience, assisting others to find greater self-awareness and maintain health and wellbeing. It’s very refreshing knowing it’s not about artistic talent but all about trusting in the process.

What a session with me looks like

That is a big question!

It will always be client led and multimodal. I will provide a safe space, genuine curiosity to companion you and lots of ‘arts materials’ to explore and use in any way you choose. I can also offer suggestions if it’s a little scary to begin with. I understand it may be the first time someone has visited an Arts Therapist and used arts materials in a long time, or at all. We will always go gently and be culturally safe.

It may be lots of fun, it may be done in silence or with music and movement. It may give you a space to just be, breathe, rest, play or tap into what’s going on for you in the moment. It may stir emotions, it may not.  It will always be safe and you will be heard. Arts Therapy is for everybody, suitable for children, young people and adults. It just works, magic happens.

To find out more about Fiona, book a free initial 15minute ‘Meet and Greet’ with her or make an online referral see our Therapist Directory HERE

Fiona McGrath Arts Therapist at Kindred Art Space