Hypnotherapy is a relaxed state in theta brain waves length (when the body is in a deep state of relaxation) just before you fall asleep.

The theta brain wave frequency has been linked to relieving stress, physical relaxation and increased clarity of mind.

In this state the conscious mind and body are relaxed and gently placed to one side allowing us to work with the powerful subconscious mind.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Have you ever driven somewhere, parked the car and thought, ‘I don’t’ remember how I got here’?

It may be a surprise, but when this happens, you are experiencing a “self-hypnotic” or “trance” like state. As your own experience might suggest, we can go in and out of a trance like states frequently in any given day.

We can all have access to our own resources and inner power.

Everyday life, and the pace of today can dull or significantly reduce our connection to ourselves and our personal resources and most importantly, our inner power.

Your personal resources and inner power are ever-present (although you may not feel or know it or it) Let me help you to connect to it.