Dakhylina Madkhul | Psychologist & Sensorimotor Art Therapist

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22 Kookaburra Street , Frankston, Victoria 3199, Australia
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Dakhylina Madkhul | Khy therapies: creative healing for all ages

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Who is she and what does she do?

Dakhylina is passionate about improving wellbeing from a holistic perspective, and believes that creative and collaborative approaches can be the most powerful in assisting individuals on their journeys of healing and resolution.  Dakhylina uses a trauma-informed and relationship-based approach with techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Art Therapy, Sensorimotor Art Therapy, Play Therapy, mindfulness and just the right amount of humour when it counts!

Who can she work with?

Dakhylina has worked as a counsellor with clients of all ages for almost 15 years in Victoria’s South-East and Canberra, including Bayside and Peninsula areas for the last five.  She has had the privilege of witnessing the tremendous change people can make when reminded that we all have the potential to live as a complete person with fulfilling connections to others and our deepest selves.  She believes counselling is about providing a person with a safe, trusting space and both resources internally and also in their respective community.

Dakhylina specialises in trauma, including issues relating to early childhood, histories of violence, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and refugee/asylum seeker experiences.  She also works with clients needing assistance with symptoms of stress, Depression, Anxiety, workplace issues, parenting and relationship concerns.

Dakhylina has extensive experience with children and young people having worked in schools and as child/youth counsellor.  She prioritises a warm and trusting therapeutic rapport with a child, knowing this is the largest influence of positive change with younger clients.  Using toys, games and art, Dakhylina assists children and young people experiencing a range of childhood emotional and developmental disorders, including: early trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Autism Spectrum, family instability developmental delays and behavioural issues.

Dakhylina is also an experienced group worker and training facilitator, including devising and implementing therapeutic groups, debriefing roles, presenting Art Therapy workshops and coordinating team-building activities for staff-teams.

How does she work?

Dakhylina understands that speaking one’s stories, memories and emotions does not always assist in moving through past adversities, and that in fact, it can sometimes traumatise even further.  This is where she would invite a client to express using visual imagery and/or the perception of touch and movement.

Incorporating art media into therapy does not mean needing to be creative nor in fact like art!  It simply allows a person to use other tools to explain and experience their past or present, and eventually work towards a more hopeful future.

Sensorimotor Art Therapy specifically uses drawing, painting and clay, but being body-focused there is no expectation to create an end product to look at. It reminds our body that it too can remember, express and make decisions, and clients are often very surprised that these techniques can also be overwhelmingly powerful.

Dakhylina completed her Initiatic Art Therapy and Sensorimotor Art Therapy training under renowned Art Therapist and Trainer Cornelia Elbrecht who founded the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy.  If you would like to know more, or are even just curious, click on: https://www.sensorimotorarttherapy.com/arttherapy.

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