Professional Development

Professional Development at Kindred Art Space

A variety of accredited professional development workshops and training are available at Kindred Art Space.

Professional Development is available face to face and online.

Empowered Art Therapy workshops with Kindred Art Space Founder & Art Therapist, Kerryn Knight are now available ONLINE:


Kerryn Knight – Founder of Kindred Art Space and Empowered Art Therapy

Art Therapist, Professional Supervisor, and Trainer.

I have been in private practice for over a decade and previously a background in business management and staff training that spanned 20 years.  Bearing witness to and passionate about the great change the Creative Arts and Counselling Industries can create for our community, I am dedicated to supporting fellow Art Therapists, Counsellors, and Mental Health workers in their best practice and ongoing professional development.

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Professional Self-Care & Professional Development Workshops

As in her own practice since 2008, Kerryn Knight recognises the necessity of self-care for those working in the caring, education and mental-health industries.  She facilitates effective processes for your professional self-care and discusses how they can be adapted to work with your clients.

Some of Kerryn’s clients include Australian Government departments, local councils across Melbourne, Community Service Organisations, Universities, Indigenous Organisations and Schools.

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Jo Ablett – Founder of Into Blue & Trainer in Expressive Therapies – Certificate Courses

Psychotherapist, Professional Supervisor, Victorian Trainer for ETIA, Educator, Artist

“My practice is founded on a life long passion to set the scene for children, teenagers and adults to tap into their potential; take charge of their lives and establish belief in themselves. Through my work with young people and adults I am constantly reminded of the innate ability that everyone has for healing.”

I am currently the trainer for Victoria, for the Expressive Therapies Institute of Australia and enjoy sharing my passion for this approach to counselling with my trainees. With 30 years’ experience in facilitating personal development and meditation for people of all ages I continue to work with individuals, and groups. The foundation of my work is Expressive Therapies – a blend of personal growth, counselling and psychotherapy methods – which support emotional healing, personal wellbeing and skill development.

It is my sincere intention to treat you with care, respect, kindness and acceptance whilst maintaining absolute confidentiality.

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Professional Supervision

Individual: I provide confidential, independent supervision in an individual setting for counsellors, social workers, teachers and therapists.

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Practice Development – How To Market Your Authentic Therapy Practice From The Inside Out (C) Course

I’m a private practice owner, founder of Kindred Art Space and previously a business manager within the not-for-profit and private sectors.

With this experience, I have navigated the marketing arena and formed a workable business model while remaining authentic to myself and the transpersonal therapeutic service I provide my clients.

In this experiential and creative course Kerryn shares this knowledge and experience with You, to empower and support you to embody your practice and prepare you on your journey from private practice business Conception to Start Up and Beyond!

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