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Why convert a warehouse into a Centre for Mental Health in Melbourne? 

After many years in the planning and building, Kerryn Knight founded Kindred Art Space in 2015 and opened in 2016 after bearing witness to the benefits her clients have received through the power of the healing arts, coupled with the therapeutic relationship she provides through Art Therapy.

Based in Frankston, in Melbourne’s South East and gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, Kindred Art Space is a one-of-a-kind place to experience.

Since Kerryn started her Empowered Art Therapy practice in 2008, she has searched for the ideal location to see her private clients in between running outreach groups across Melbourne.  There were many clinical rooms and offices available on main streets but nothing specifically for Art Therapists and other specialist therapies where Kerryn could let her clients explore their creativity and healing in a relaxing, nurturing, and safe space. So Kerryn decided to create her own space! Kindred Art Space is the home of Empowered Art Therapy

Kindred Art Space facade 2022

Kerryn’s Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space Creation Story painting

Kindred Art Space – Our Creation Story

“In 2008, when I first began my Empowered Art Therapy Practice, I was taken through guided imagery and creative therapeutic processes, similar to those I facilitate with my clients today. During this process, I was guided, through verbal cues, to meet a messenger with a gift. Immediately, in my “mind’s eye,” I had a clear image of a majestic Kookaburra. This Kookaburra had a strong, clear message for me: “Stand in your conviction and be responsible for your healing…”

“This message was so timely for me and I was very moved by this “mind’s eye” vision and message.  What I took away from this process was my need to stand up, take a leap of faith, and action my dream of helping people through the healing arts.  This would mean a great change for me to walk away from the Corporate world that was so familiar and supported me for so long. Yet, for me the Kookaburra and the very essence of its roaring laugh were to call me to action, to stand up and fulfill my life’s purpose, despite my fears of all my ‘what-ifs’!.”

Interview with Kerryn Knight – Founder of Kindred Art Space about What Is Art Therapy.

In August 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting with Indigenous filmmaker and rap artist Luke Ketchell (also known as Seeka) who produced this short film interviewing me about ‘What Is Art Therapy’. 

It is important to note that the film, being short only provides a brief overview of Art Therapy, what it is, how it works, and where it has originated from therefore, I have provided more content as follows:  The value of art has been acknowledged throughout history and very prominent in Australian Indigenous culture.  In the early 1900s, Art Therapy was used in psychological healing methods with Carl Jung introducing active imagination, imagery, and meaning to psychotherapy. 

Stan Grof, psychiatrist, and theoretician of transpersonal psychology is an author of many books including ‘Modern Consciousness Research and the Understanding of Art’(2015) with Transpersonal Art Therapy references in his work.  There are also many others involved in the foundation of modern-day Art Therapy including Shaun McNiff, Ph.D. the author of ‘Art as Medicine’(1992), and many other books on the subject.  Edith Kramer is recognized as one of the pioneers in the field of Art Therapy and Margaret Naumberg founded Walden School in New York City. 

Fritz Perls is also recognized in the field of Art Therapy for his work on Creativity in Gestalt Therapy.  There are also many others in the early to mid-1900s and beyond, that have contributed to the field of Art Therapy and continue to do so as more and more research supports the powerful healing outcomes that the modality brings.

Further Research on Art Therapy

In the following video, Cathy Malchiodi, Ph.D., Psychologist, Traumatologist, Expressive Arts Therapist, and author of many books on the subject of Art Therapy, provides a snippet of what to expect in an Art Therapy session and how it can assist people to engage more fully in life.

We feel Kindred Art Space is ‘Heaven sent’ and we’re sure you will too!

Kindred Art Space has been accredited by local Indigenous Elders as a culturally safe space and now I’m joined by other independent creative arts practitioners.  Together we provide a safe, nurturing, inclusive central hub for art therapy services in the region for all communities to access.

We welcome you to Kindred Art Space at 22 Kookaburra Street Frankston and share with you this creative nurturing space for your well-being!

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