About the Kindred Art Space creation story

Kerryn Knight (MACA, PACFA Clinical Reg. 28579) Founder, Art Therapist, Facilitator & Lecturer

Kerryn Knight with her Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space Creation Story Painting

Kindred Art Space – Our creation story


Kerryn Knight – Founder and Art Therapist shares the Kindred Art Space creation story with you in a recent interview. 

“In 2008 when I first began my Empowered Art Therapy Practice, I was taken through guided imagery and creative therapeutic processes, similar to those I facilitate with my clients today. During this process I was guided, through verbal cues, to meet a messenger with a gift. Immediately, in my “mind’s eye,” I had a clear image of a majestic Kookaburra. This Kookaburra had a strong, clear message for me: “Stand in your conviction and be responsible for your healing…”



“This message was so timely for me and I was very moved by this “mind’s eye” vision and message.  What I took away from this process was my need to stand up, take a leap of faith, and action my dream of helping people through the healing arts.  This would mean a great change for me, at that time, to walk away from the Corporate world that was so familiar and supported me for so long. Yet, for me the Kookaburra and the very essence of its roaring laugh were to call me to action, to stand up and fulfill my life’s purpose, despite my fears of all my ‘what-ifs’!.”



“Once I changed my attitude in my inner world, committed to take a leap of faith, things started to change in my outer world.  A Senior Manager where I was working as a project manager & staff trainer at the time, approached me after I had graduated from Transpersonal Art Therapy and offered me an assignment for a new program working with Indigenous Youth in Dandenong, Victoria.  In my mind, I could hear the call of the Kookaburra.”



“As the years progressed, I worked with many multicultural groups and individuals throughout Victoria.  My practice grew, and my desire to set up a unique nurturing safe space for creative arts therapy grew.  I searched for several years for the right place and space only to find clinical spaces with no room for creativity.   My patience was tested and I succumbed to it.  I found and purchased a milk bar without waiting for guidance.  I had planned to redesign this milk bar into a space I could see clients from.  Thankfully God was watching over me and the sale fell through as this tiny milk bar was in no way large enough for what He had in store.  You see I was doubting that my big dream could come to pass.  When I noticed an old 600m2 warehouse for sale at 22 Kookaburra Street, Frankston, I immediately felt this must be it!   My husband and I agreed to invest our life’s savings for this dream, yet the warehouse was way beyond what we had saved. I was heartbroken and had to shelve the idea and we continued to work extra jobs and save all we could.  Twelve months later, I gathered the courage to continue my search for locations and miraculously found the warehouse was still for sale! “



“That morning, while walking our pugs in the noisy bustling suburb of Box Hill, Melbourne, I surprisingly heard the call of a Kookaburra in a nearby tree.  I could no longer ignore the ‘call’, so with courage, I commenced price negotiations with the Real Estate Agent.  In 2015 my husband and I secured the property with our life savings and found a bank manager willing to lend us the remaining funds required.  A year of ‘weekend’ and ‘after-hours’ work began.  With my vision and my husband’s building expertise, a lot of hard work and sacrifice, the empty warehouse has been transformed into a 2-story high gallery and Learning Centre encircled by five unique art therapy counselling rooms, first-floor atrium gardens, and a rear meditation garden and sensory space with labyrinth and pond. “



“Local Indigenous Elders have accredited Kindred Art Space a culturally safe space and now I’m joined by other independent creative arts practitioners.  Together we provide a safe, nurturing, inclusive central hub for art therapy services in the region for all communities to access.


When you visit Kindred Art Space you will see Kerryn’s Kookaburra painting she created in 2008 which is one of many art pieces that fill the walls at Kindred Art Space.


We feel Kindred Art Space is ‘Heaven sent’ and we’re sure you will too!
We welcome you to Kindred Art Space at 22 Kookaburra Street Frankston and share with you this creative nurturing space for your wellbeing.