Meet Play Therapist Hannah Elms

Introducing Hannah Elms, our Play Therapist at Kindred Art Space

Hannah is a passionate Child Play Therapist who utilises the Child Centred Play Therapy approach in her work with children. Play therapy allows children to express their experiences and emotions within a safe, secure and consistent environment and attuned, empathic and congruent therapeutic relationship. Play is a child’s primary and most powerful means of communication with the toys they chose acting as their words in the language of play.

Hannah works with children aged 3-12 for a minimum of 12 therapy sessions while partnering with parents and carers in regular progress meetings to see effective, long lasting change for their child and family. She loves working alongside parents and carers throughout the therapy intervention to empower, equip and encourage them in their vital role.  To find out more about Hannah Elms visit our Therapist Directory HERE