Richness of Art Therapy:  The Power of Intersubjective Responding through Art Making

Clients ask me what an intersubjective response within the therapy room is and how it can provide richness in art therapy. Within the safe-enough therapeutic environment, I create with my clients, sometimes an intersubjective response can further deepen a client’s inquiry and understanding of their experience.  As I companion them, I feel, hear and look
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Kindred Art Space showcased by Frankston City Council

Kindred Art Space Invest Franskton

Feeling stoked to have Kindred Art Space showcased by Invest Frankston! As a believer in signs, the Kookaburra has been a part of my life since beginning my practice in 2008 – in 2015 we transformed an empty warehouse in Kookaburra Street into a sensory creative therapeutic Centre for mental health and never looked back.
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