Another Mural at Dandenong Youth Refuge !

empoweredarttherapymuralyouthrefuge2016-768x386-minBack by popular demand at the Dandenong Youth Refuge ! …

The young people who stay at the refuge and the staff have requested Kez Knight to facilitate another Mural for their outdoor courtyard wall.

Kez firstly facilitated the design meeting with the young people where they were able to creatively record their own unique ‘voice’ on the wall for all to see, present and future visitors. Then over the following 8 weeks Kez facilitated the art making process with the staff and young people. This Mural like the previous one created by other residents of the refuge in 2015 is about ‘The Hero’s Journey’.

Mural rich in symbolism

The images of the monkeys depict a new life being born in 2016 – the Chinese Year of the Monkey and is surrounded by the loving energy springing from the large tree with it’s magical blooming flower. Yet swinging in the tree is a demon just like those we have to deal with in our daily life, hiding in the shadows. However when we focus on and have gratitude for the good things such as the blooming flower, the demons fade into the background as represented in the Mural.

The snow tiger depicts a totem animal of strength. The family unit is represented by the penguins and the penguin guarding its chick honours family members who have passed away. Faithfulness is represented by the dog in the foreground.

The series of trees on the right side of the bridge represent the growth of a forest and fruitfulness stemming from once charred remains. The strong hands holding the EYA nest are nurturing despite their tough appearance symbolising the importance of not ‘to judge a book by it’s cover’. The hands that hold the sun reflect the quote ‘As Above, So Below” symbolising the importance of having positive thoughts above to create a positive reality below. This is supported further by the words of Friendship, Strength, Growth, Courage, Love and Mind over Power.

Finally the participants wanted this Mural to be interactive and so have included 2 central hand prints with the words ‘INSERT HERE’ inviting the viewer to step inside this Magical Mural rich with symbolism and meaning of the Hero’s Journey.

There is also a poem that I believe represents the above:

“There is a brokenness out of which comes the unbroken. There is a shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable. There is a sorrow beyond all grief, which leads to joy. And a fragility out of whose depths emerges strength. There is a hollow space too vast for words through which we pass with each loss, out of whose darkness we are sanctioned into being.

There is a cry deeper than sound, whose serrated edge cuts through to a place that is unbreakable and whole.”

–the poetess Rashani