Art Therapy Program for Schools and Learning Centres

Empowered Art Therapy at Beaumaris Primary School

As part of the rollout of the Victorian Healthy Futures Program, Kerryn Knight has been facilitating Art Therapy programs with Primary and Secondary schools engaging with students of various ages.  Would you like to see Art Therapy programs in your school?  Contact Kerryn Knight Founder – Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space on 0450 253 990 or book a free initial 15minute ‘Meet and Greet’ now and click on the link below:

Kerryn has been working with schools across Victoria face to face and globally online for many years providing unique creative expressive programs designed to assist students to be more self-aware, create better coping mechanisms and realise their strengths.

About Art Therapy

Creative expression has been a part of humanity for thousands of years as evident in archaeological finds the world over, including those found in Australia.  Despite the obvious decorative nature of art, it also has a deeper meaning where one can connect with self-awareness, personal growth and transformation. Art provides a vehicle for the expression of a wide range of emotions, from grief to joy and trauma to triumph.

Art Therapy has formed from the concept that art and creative expression provides a way for us to make sense of our inner experiences that often words cannot. The images and art making processes can help us to understand who we are, to express feelings and ideas, and heal past hurts.  It is an education of our senses that occurs when we engage our hands in the creative process which alerts us to felt senses within our body.

Art Therapy focusses on the process of creating rather than an art outcome.  Therefore, it is not necessarily about creating something that is aesthetically pleasing.  Rather it is about the process of expressing and in doing so, becoming more aware of body felt senses and the wisdom they hold.

More and more research points to the role of creative expression facilitated by a trained Arts Therapist as providing a platform from which our intuitive senses can reconnect and heal at a cellular level.  The role of an Arts Therapist is to create and hold a safe space which invites a person’s felt senses to be witnessed and worked through.

More about the Art Therapy Workshop Facilitator – Kerryn Knight

Kerryn Knight (MACA) is an Arts Therapist & Founder of Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space, in private practice since 2008 and previously in management positions in the community services sector.  She uses art as a vehicle for self-care and self-awareness.  Kerryn provides individual sessions and designs and facilitates bespoke programs with a range of groups, organisations and communities.  Kerryn’s passion and focus lies with mental health, youth and supporting other professionals across the education, crisis-intervention, mental health, counselling, and creative therapeutic industries both throughout Australia and Internationally.

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