Crystal Grid Art Workshop 29th July 2023

Learn the art of Crystal Grids with our bespoke

Crystal Grid Art Workshop!

Led by experienced artist and owner of Ink Moon, Tarryn Benitez, you’ll receive comprehensive instruction on how to create your own unique energy artwork. With hands-on demonstrations and personalised advice, you’ll design your own beautiful framed Crystal Grid Art, set with your own personal intentions to help you manifest them into your life!

Do you feel yourself drawn to nature & crystals? 

Are you ready to harness your inner power and manifest your desires into your life?

Have you heard of Crystal Gridding but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to learn how to create a beautiful piece of crystal grid artwork that you can hang in your home?

Would you enjoy spending an afternoon with likeminded people, who share your passions, in a beautiful space where you can relax and create to your hearts content?

Then this workshop is for you!

Crystal Healing and the use of Sacred Geometry can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures around 2000 BCE.

Sacred Geometry is found everywhere in nature, from the seed arrangement of a sunflower, a flower petals formation, a snails shell, leaf patterns and shapes, to a snowflake. Even plant cells are organised in a geometric sequence. 

Crystals hold their own healing powers and also grow in perfect geometric formations. 

Why use a Crystal Grid? Using Sacred Geometry, we can harness and focus crystal energy by creating Crystal Grids and use them to help manifest our goals into fruition.

Arranging crystals according to sacred geometry and setting intentions amplifies the crystals energy and helps them work in unison to manifest your intention into your life. You can create a crystal grid for any intention/goal that you desire, such as abundance, success, love, healing, fertility, protection or any other goal you hope to achieve!

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