Tree Of Me ( C ) Empowered Art Therapy course online

This online course will enable you to gain a greater understanding of yourself, your challenges, resilience and things you wish to grow towards through creative, expressive processes.

The tree and its many parts symbolise you and your many parts.  Your history and roots, the face you share to the world, your inner self, and where you are ‘growing to’. As we draw to the close of 2020 we will look at what your tree wishes to compost and what you wish to flourish in 2021.

The Tree of Me ( C ) online course will provide you with experiential creative process connecting you to your:

  • Emotional expression & body senses
  • Your wisdom with in
  • Making & developing new, healthy coping skills.

More about the facilitator:

Kerryn Knight, Art Therapist and Founder of Kindred Art Space and Empowered Art Therapy designs and facilitates many courses designed for your professional self-care

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Kerryn’s background and approach

“As an Art Therapist in private practice since 2008, I bring forward my life experience coupled with two schools of formal training.  These schools include the Transpersonal and MIECAT’s Form of companioned inquiry and both have changed my life.”

Kerryn shares with you her personal experience and personal art-making providing you with a rich experience of the power of Art Therapy for your self-care.

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