Meet Sara Grace – Arts Therapist at Kindred Art Space

Sara Grace – Arts Therapist at Kindred Art Space
In a recent interview with Sara Grace, Arts Therapist at Kindred Art Space we got to know more about what matters to her, what drew her to Arts Therapy and what a typical session with her might look like for you.

What matters to me.

Two values which are important to me are; having a sense of belonging and having access to opportunities that promote creativity and expression of our ideas and desires.

We are all creators and I love to see people making and exploring with the art materials and then using the Arts Therapy process to create experiences in their life that they prefer to have.

What drew me to art therapy.

I have two consistent loves.. creativity and personal development.

I’ve always gravitated towards art as a way to express and communicate how I felt – even if I didn’t know it at the time. Before coming to Arts Therapy I ran art workshops and set up a community art gallery in Western Australia. Creating art and teaching during this time gave me identity and confidence. This was something I did alongside other work and when I discovered Arts Therapy as a profession I knew it was a perfect fit for me.

What does a typical session with me look like?

Mmm a typical session. That’s a hard question but each session will involve some form of creativity which will be different for every person. I like to provide many different materials to cater for what might be needed in the moment.

Sessions are 1 hour, sometimes 1.5 hours in length and are tailored towards the person’s goals.

We may start with a check-in and this could involve picking a feeling card, having a chat or making a hot chocolate together. In the main part of the session there may be painting, drawing, printing making, using clay, recycled materials, sand tray, movement, sewing, mindfulness exercises, games, weaving or making slime! We may be working with a particular situation or conflict that the person is struggling with and we will explore this with the various art therapy process to find new meanings, different perspectives and avenues for change. We end the session with another check-in to finish our time together.

I love art therapy and am always amazed at how much of our art making holds what we think and how we feel. Often we embed answers to our problems too and I love to see people experience this joy of discovery.

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Sara Grace’s Arts Therapy Studio at Kindred Art Space