Walk the Kindred Labyrinth


Kindred Labyrinth – a walking Meditation.

While our outdoor Kindred Labyrinth in the Meditation Garden is under construction,  our indoor Labyrinth is available to use when you visit the many workshops and individual sessions available for Mind Body & Spirit at Kindred Art Space.

What is a Labyrinth ?: A Labyrinth is a meditation tool and can be created in many circular designs that allows you to walk and ‘Circle in to the Centre’.   Assisting you in self alignment, it helps you clear your mind and focus on your intention especially in times of transition.  Labyrinths have been used for over 4000 years in many cultures and used today in Steiner education.  

Process of the Kindred Labyrinth: Once you circle into the centre of our Kindred Labyrinth, Kez Knight invites you to light a candle from the central Labyrinth flame and take your light and intention out into the world.

Contact us today for more details on 9770 5670