COVID19 Precautions for your safe access to therapeutic services at Kindred Art Space

COVID19 Precautions for your safety at Kindred Art Space –

From the Founder – Kerryn Knight

🙏With kindness and consideration, we want to let you know that our team of independent practitioners are working hard to continue to deliver our therapeutic services for you. Most of all we want to remind you that eventually, this trying time will pass, and we will be able to look back on it as another challenge we have faced and worked through.🦋

🎨 Please remember that where there is creativity there is a deepening of insight and resourcefulness. Where there is resourcefulness there is strength to face and work through challenges. We encourage you to build on your creativity at this time, take care and stay well.

Newsletter: details on the precautionary measures we are taking at Kindred Art Space to continue to safely provide you with therapeutic services -please follow the link below to our latest newsletter👇