Looking for a Nurturing Therapeutic Space?

Are you looking to hire a nurturing therapeutic space to see your clients from?

Can’t seem to find a space that feels right that you can call your work-home?  Needing a space that is non-clinical?

Kindred Art Space might be the space for you.

At Kindred Art Space we are providing an opportunity to join our team of Independent Specialists.

Kindred Art Space Partners

Practitioners at Kindred Art Space partner with many organisations, schools and government departments to bring their services to our community.  Founder and Art Therapist Kerryn Knight has a background in Community Service Organisation grant submission and she partners with organisations to assist in grant writing submission for large and small projects. The practitioners at Kindred
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Empowered Art Therapy Courses Online

Wanting to access Professional development online at a time that suits your schedule? Kerryn Knight has developed online courses for your essential professional self-care including processes to share with clients and family members. Kerryn has over 3 decades of experience in Community Services, Staff Training, and Business Management.  Yet working through personal setbacks and ongoing
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Join Our Therapist Directory

The Kindred Art Space Therapist Directory is expanding. Our National Online Therapist Directory is expanding to connect people through our ever-growing referral pathways with suitably qualified practitioners.  Founder Kerryn Knight has always held the dream to connect community with a family of dedicated practitioners.  Kindred Art Space provides this in a face to face setting.  Due to our established website and ongoing professional networking, Kerryn is expanding that connection nationally by expanding the Kindred Art Space Therapist Directory. 

Art Therapy Program for Schools and Learning Centres

As part of the rollout of the Victorian Healthy Futures Program, Kerryn Knight has been facilitating Art Therapy programs with Primary and Secondary schools engaging with students of various ages.  Would you like to see Art Therapy programs in your school?  Contact Kerryn Knight Founder – Empowered Art Therapy and Kindred Art Space on 0450
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Graduate Certificate in Sandtray Therapy

OpenGate Institute will be running certificate courses at Kindred Art Space. OpenGate will be delivering their 5 Day Intensive Sandtray Therapy Training at Kindred Art Space as part of the Graduate Certificate, Advanced or Certificate in Sandtray Therapy.  Sandtray Therapy Is A Powerful Therapeutic Technique That Helps Evoke Conscious And Unconscious Memories Through Tactile Play.
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About the Kindred Art Space creation story

Kindred Art Space – Our creation story Kerryn Knight Founder of Kindred Art Space and Empowered Art Therapy. In 2008 when I first began my Empowered Art Therapy Practice, I was taken through guided imagery and creative therapeutic processes, similar to those I facilitate with my clients today. During this process I was guided, through verbal cues, to meet a messenger with a gift. Immediately, in my “mind’s eye,” I had a clear image of a majestic Kookaburra. This Kookaburra had a strong, clear message for me: “Stand in your conviction and be responsible for your healing…”“This message was so timely for me and I was very moved by this “mind’s eye” vision and message. What I took away from this process was my need to stand up, take a leap of faith, and action my dream of helping people through the healing arts. This would mean a great change for me to walk away from the Corporate world that was so familiar and supported me for so long.